Presentation of the new Master executive in Big Data Analytics at the 2nd edition of “Data Driven Innovation in the Industry 4.0”

“The big data cancel the distance between University and labor market: Real prospects for a “value” working present”.

They intervened on the occasion of the presentation of the New Master in Big Data Analytics Professional at the 2nd Edition of “DATA-DRIVEN INNOVATION IN THE INDUSTRY 4.0” course, Cristina Menichelli, founder Mands MasterandSkills, Roberto De Marchis Memotef, Università La Sapienza Roma e Fabio Luciani, head of Big Data Analytics at Comedata srl.

Article of the GMU International – Academic Highlights

“Data-driven Innovation in the Industry 4.0” is a 10-day training course focusing on data-driven analysis, applied to the various University departments including engineering, economy, legal and humanistic sciences. An integral part of all the training sessions will be the participation of representatives of SMEs and large companies who will present
case studies and innovative models of digital transformation. In this way, participants will have the opportunity to acquire data analysis and management skills, generating new and more efficient organizational and business models in the industrial, economic and cultural fields. The first lesson took place on October 12th, and saw the participation
of 160 attendees including illustrious professors such as Prof. Pieroni from Guglielmo Marconi University, Alessandro Casacchia, Massimo Montemori, Gabriele Provinciali, and last but not least Cristina Menichelli, founder of Master and Skills. The first day was dedicated to important topics including, Data-Driven Innovation, AGID Models for Italian Smart Cities, Open Data e Big Data in Public Administration for innovative service, Smart Cities, and how Big data is bridging the gap between University and labor market. With this in mind, the objective of Marconi Industry 4.0, is to share ideas, research new tools to distribute data analysis and management skills, provide organizational and business models for companies and associations, as well as connecting universities with work force and market, ultimately creating a multidisciplinary community.”

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